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conditions slightly. santa rosa up by three, one degree increase in san francisco. here is a look at the forecast. a cold night, freeze warnings posted. and then, after thark getting ready for a milder pattern into wednesday, thursday, and friday. pe let's run through this freeze warning tuesday morning until 9:00 a.m. shading in dark purple. as welling as santa claire va ya valley. last night, the bay area started to shrink a little bit. you're going to find-x@a mid-20s overnight. and we have a frost advisory posted until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow that, is a light purple shading here then for the bay shore line. lows from low to mid-30s. maybe the last night we see frost advisory. lows tonight 27 santa rosa. nap area, 28. 39 san francisco. 28 degrees overnight>( temperatures. 32 san jose. care of those. high pressure is with us. cold air mass just over the bay area, it will push east tomorrow. get ready for dry, milder temperatures wednesday, thursday, friday. tomorrow, temperatures coming up at four, five degrees. spring time out there. here is a look at numbers for you. santa rosa, 5
, north bay highs low 60s in napa and sonoma. santa rosa. 62 in oakland. 61 san leeand dro. inland east bay, upper 50s to around 606789 here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-60s around the bay by friday. the pattern continues through the weekend. we'll see temperatures moderating just a little bit next week but it's a lovely week ahead. >> thank you still to come new hope for parents whose children are diagnosed with autism. >> that is coming up here, then, beat hig cost of skiing. where you can find best deals on everything from lodging to lift tickets. >>> a new glimmer of hope in the battle against autism. a small, controversial study found some children diagnosed early can actually grow out of the disorder by the time they're adults. all of the children had a relatively mild form of ought skbrism a higher iq receiving intensive therapies and support. skeptics say they may have just been misdiagnosed. the research funded by national institutes of health. >> a new report says state of california is not doing enough to curb tobacco use. american lung association released it's report t
beginning by week's end. cold weather interior valleys. lows dropping down to 27 in jant rosa. locations below freezing. 31 in concord, 30s in fairfield, mid to upper 30s around bait. san francisco, mildest low temperatures readings during overnight hours. some active weather out to sea. so may see light showers wednesday, we'll start at 4:00 on wednesday morning. during morning hours, rain staying in the north bay. you can see near golden gate. we'll have wet spots up in the north bay. rainfall totals will probably not be very high. tomorrow, sunny skies and south bay highs from mid to upper 60s. 66 in san jose. peninsula, similar range. 65 insanity san mateo. 67 in mountain view. downtown a high of 65 tomorrow, 64 in the sunset district. mid 60s in the north bay valleys. 63 in napa. fremont 66 in castro valley. cooler and low to mid-60s there. 71 in watsonville and 72 the high in salinas, here is the accu-weather forecast. chance of showers mainly north bay wednesday, dry thursday, but cooler high temperatures into upper 50s. over the weekend, highs from mid to upper 50s. it's going to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3